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A NEBO man headbutted a nightclub doorman in Aberystwyth, a court heard.

The Cambrian News reported “Aled Lyn Davies, 23, admitted assaulting Ben Bradley at the Pier Pressure nightclub in the early hours of Sunday, 19 March.

Aberystwyth magistrates heard that he was being escorted out of the club after getting involved in a scuffle with a man he claimed was groping his girlfriend.

Prosecutor Helen Tench said Mr Bradley and other security staff had responded to break up a fight in the club at around 2.30am.

Mr Bradley had taken Davies, of Hafodwnog Uchaf, to the ground and restrained him, before getting him back to his feet and walking him to the exit.

He offered to stop restraining Davies and just escort him to the door, but when he released him, Davies became aggressive, meaning Mr Bradley had to restrain him again.

When he did this, there was a struggle, with Davies then headbutting Mr Bradley, catching him on his left cheek.

Police attended at the club and when they arrested Davies, he kept saying he was sorry for what happened, but Ms Tench said in his interview Davies said he did not remember headbutting Mr Bradley.

He said he had gone to confront another man who his girlfriend had said was “pestering” her, with a confrontation breaking out.

Davies told police that he had been “sat on” by door staff while they waited for the police and said there had been “no need for that”.

Defence solicitor Alan Lewis said Davies was “gutted” by the incident as he had never been in trouble before, but said the police would not agree to a caution instead.

He said Davies had felt it was unfair that he was being thrown out of the club, leaving his girlfriend in the club with the man who he claimed had been “inappropriately touching” her.

While Davies, a self-employed builder, accepted he headbutted Mr Bradley, Mr Lewis said it had not been intentional, but that he had been reckless.

Davies was fined £200, and will pay compensation to Mr Bradley of £50 as well as costs totalling £115″ here.

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