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A RELAUNCHED scheme that sees badly-behaved drinkers banned from all pubs has 27 Aberystwyth pubs, clubs, bars and businesses on board.

The Cambrian News reported “The Behave or Be Banned scheme has run previously and seen dozens of people banned from entering all the premises signed up to the scheme after violence or disorder at one.

In Aberystwyth, the Aberystwyth Students’ Union, Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Academy, Angel Inn, Bar 46, Baravin, Black Lion, Cambrian Hotel, Downies Vault, Glengower Hotel, Harry’s, JD Wetherspoon, Kane’s, Libertines, Lord Beechings, Mill Inn, Royal Pier, Rummers, the town’s three Spar stores, Scholars, Ship & Castle, Starling Cloud, Why Not, White Horse, and Yr Hen Llew Du have all signed up to the new scheme which began last bank holiday weekend on Friday, 25 May.

Police said the scheme will see Neighbourhood Policing Teams work closely with businesses to reduce violence and disorder in pubs and clubs.

Chief Inspector Mark McSweeney said: “BOBB is an effective tool to help prevent, reduce and combat alcohol-related offences within communities.

“If anyone is arrested for a crime of violence, disorder or antisocial behaviour in licensed premises, or after leaving a licensed establishment in the scheme, they will be banned from not just that licensed premises, but all licensed premises that display the Behave or Be Banned sign within the area” here.

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