Cambrian News photographer - Syrian refugees, including Mohamed Karkoubi and his children Mayas and Rimas, have been welcomed in Aberystwyth. They are pictured with Aberaid members Liz Alison and Dr Clare Wintonh

THIRTY-THREE Syrian refugees have now started new lives in Ceredigion thanks to the success of the UK’s resettlement scheme.

The Cambrian News reported “Ceredigion County Council has pledged to provide a fresh start for 50 people fleeing war by 2020 as part of the Syrian Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme.

In the latest report on the scheme the coordination overview and scrutiny committee heard that the “trailblazing authority” was succeeding in the county with all school-age children attending school and all adults taking English, and some Welsh, classes.

Families first and refugees co-ordinator Cathryn Morgan told the committee: “One man has just got a job where everybody speaks Welsh in the workplace so he is learning Welsh a bit more rapidly than before.”

Another has passed his driving test 14 months after arriving in the UK with no English.

There are also two community sponsorship schemes, one in Cardigan and one in Aberystwyth, supporting families in the county. Each group has resettled a further family of five.

Five people previously in Ceredigion had moved to other areas the committee was told, some to be nearer family and others to find work.

“People were asked if Ceredigion was a place where people of different cultural backgrounds get on and they did, it’s encouraging that people feel safe,” added Mrs Morgan” here.

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