Cambrian News Reporter - The graffiti on hoardings in Portland Street. Inset: Ellis McGuiness


The Cambrian News has reported that “graffiti has sprung up on hoardings in Portland Street satirising a convicted criminal’s claims that “Aberystwyth is my town and I run it”.

Ellis McGuinness, aged 21 – who attacked three people and threatened to stab a fourth during a crime spree in March – claimed to one victim that “Aberystwyth is my town and I run it”.

He was jailed for 20 months at Swansea Crown Court for attacking strangers he perceived to be from elsewhere after a judge labelled him a “violent thug”.

The story of McGuinness and his comments, featured in the Cambrian News, was greeted with outrage, and now graffiti has appeared on Portland Street mocking his claim.

On the hoardings erected for ongoing work on the corner of Portland Street and Terrace Road, an artist has drawn a seagull with a baseball cap and a gold chain saying the same words McGuinness told a victim during the string of assaults before his arrest and sentencing for the crimes.

In the corner of the topical street art, the text reads “famous last words”.

Judge Paul Thomas at Swansea Crown Court told McGuinness: “It is not your town, it is everyone’s town.” here.

The Cambrian News continue to fail to see the irony of calling themselves a newspaper. In this case, they criticise a man who has had some kind of breakdown, mocking the way he claimed Aber is his town.

Who might he have been defending it from on an emotional level? The society that labels him and his friends “stupid”?

The police that bullied him and his friends since they were kids?

The arrogantly privileged that lack empathy and compassion?

Because we point out these truths the Cambrian News has worked tirelessly to shut us down. Yesterday they succeeded and we had to work extremely hard to get back on our feet. And nobody spoke up for us.

It’s almost like they think Aber is their town.

Aber isn’t their town or anybody else’s that think they can treat people like this.

Aber is our town, and we are taking it back.




    • Aber Times supports the entire human race, Bill Hicks style.

      Only the haters hate this paper, and the notion that the whole town is composed of such people is sheer deluded wish fulfilment fantasy.

      Aberystwyth is a great town, a shining example- see our position on Brexit, outstanding in Wales.

      You are whining and moaning because you know your time has finally come, that is all.

  1. People with mental health problems do need support, not vilification. Having read a number of your articles, I am increasingly concerned for the state of your own mental health. I hope you have people around you who love you and can help you get the support you need to avoid ending up in the same situation as this unfortunate young man.

      • It isn’t easy to answer your question, as my impression is that your view of the world is a little distorted, and this is based on a number of instances, so there isn’t one thing I can point to and say, “You wouldn’t have written that if you were thinking straight.” However, I will attempt to give an example, as an illustration.

        We have here the question of plagiarism. I see a number of articles on your website that are reproduced either wholly or partly from other publications. Most of these start, “The Cambrian News has reported,” though the one about the Syrian refugees is unattributed. On the Aber Times facebook page you asked the question, “Is this plagiarism?” The fact that you asked that question indicates that someone had said to you that it is plagiarism. Whether attributed copying meets the academic definition of plagiarism is perhaps debatable, but if a student handed in an essay that started, “Joe Bloggs wrote…” and proceeded to reproduce Joe Bloggs’ essay, that would be completely unacceptable. In the same way, it is unacceptable to reproduce articles from other newspapers. Specifically, it is theft of their intellectual property and breaches copyright law.

        As far as I can tell, someone (I’m guessing the Cambrian News) complained to you about plagiarism on your website. Instead of holding up your hands and accepting that you were in the wrong, you questioned their accusation and continued to copy articles. This (amongst other things) suggests to me that in your view of the world, you are the plucky underdog and anyone who criticises you is an aggressor and wrong.

        An inability to look at your own actions and consider, with an open mind, whether there might be some merit to a criticism gives you a distorted view of the world which is liable to lead you into trouble.

        • The correct place to bring up concerns of plagiarism is here as part of our crowdsourced team https://www.facebook.com/groups/1136568079736237/

          You will note that our executive directive states “no plagiarising”. All of our articles meet the directive before they are able to be published.

          For example: We are not a student submitting an essay so are not bound by those restrictions- we are bound by what is legally known as “fair use”.

          Your comments would be libellous if we hadn’t had to set comments to approval only- because of trolls like you.

          Please provide your credentials if you wish to continue this discussion. Despite claiming to be a Doctor (through the email address we received with the comments), implying mental health Doctor, we do not believe you and neither will our readers.

          Take care.

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