Sand being delvered to the paddling pool this morning. Photo: Facebook/Aberystwyth Town Centre

A MUCH-LOVED paddling pool on Aberystwyth promenade is being filled with sand this morning.

The Cambrian News reported “Local county councillor Ceredig Davies took to Facebook this morning to tell people that the pool is to be turned into a giant sand pit.

Cllr Davies said that damage to the sea wall meant the cost of repairing the pool was too high, so Advancing Aberystwyth and Ceredigion County Council has decided to fill it with sand.

Cllr Davies added: “The sea wall on which the pool sits has been damaged resulting in the pool effectively breaking its back.

“I can assure you that as the local councillor I have been lobbying for the pool to be reinstated but due to the substantial costs involved and the current financial difficulties of the authority it was decided not to reinstate the pool.

“As for the future, there are discussions on the feasibility of a splash park to be located in the vicinity of the castle.

“Bringing that idea forward will take time.

“Recently I was made aware that it is possible to purchase a commercially sized “inflatable” paddling pool and again I have asked relevant Cabinet members and officers to investigate the potential purchase of such a piece of kit and locate it on the seafront.”

Members of the public have raised concerns over losing the paddling pool which has been plagued with problemsand has been closed for two years.

One Facebook comment pointed out that a cubic metre of sand is heavier than a cubic metre of water.

Another said: “The local cats will be pleased with their new litter tray.”

Others were quick to point out there was a rather large sand pit very close – the beach” here.

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