BBC News photographer - People returned to their cars on Tuesday to find they were suddenly narrowly avoiding a parking ticket

Contractors painted double yellow lines on a town centre street – but left gaps where vehicles had been parked.

BBC News reported “The strange road markings were painted in South Road in Aberystwyth on Tuesday, much to residents’ surprise.

Hotelier John Evans said no prior notice was given that road marking would be taking place and labelled the attempt a “complete farce”.

But Ceredigion council insisted it had put up notices which had been “disregarded” by motorists.

Mr Evans owns Yr Hafod Guest House on the corner of Marine Terrace and South Road.

BBC Photographer – Hotelier John Evans said residents were not given any notice and no bollards were placed on the street to keep it clear

He said the council had given residents no prior notice the lines would be painted and no cones had been left out.

“The first thing we knew was white lines appeared on the road,” he said.

“Now we know that’s where the council wanted the lines to go, but we weren’t told it would happen.”

A council spokeswoman said it was in the process of marking road at more than 200 locations across Ceredigion.

“Due to vehicles disregarding notices not to park, this work has been compromised,” she said.

“These short sections of yellow lines were painted in order to discourage further parking at the location so that the works could be recommenced and completed as soon as possible.

“Traffic orders will not be enforceable until the works are complete” here.