BBC Photographer - Sean Langton says film making helps deal with post traumatic stress

A former soldier turned award-winning filmmaker will launch the first UK international veterans’ film festival which starts in Aberystwyth on Friday.

The BBC reported “Former servicemen Sean Langton started the festival to help raise awareness of the impact of difficulties war veterans and their families face after service.

The three-day festival at the National Library of Wales will showcase 40 films from 17 different countries.

Mr Langton says film making helped deal with post traumatic stress disorder.

“One thing became clear when I was talking to people was I was coping better with my mental health,” said the former British Army engineer.

“The only thing I could contribute that to was the cathartic process of telling my story on film and telling the story of other veterans.

“It shifted the focus from my depression and mental health towards something constructive.”

War stories

Mr Langton, who served for six years in the Royal Corps of Signals, has made a number of documentaries since leaving the military and set up the charity Veteran Films.

This weekend’s film festival is one of just three veterans’ film festivals around the world.

Friday’s opening is a showing of the 2014 film Kajacki based on a true story of a small unit of British soldiers near the Kajaki dam in Afghanistan.

“It’s documenting the stories of the veterans,” said volunteer Neil Davies, a former Royal Air Force officer.

“A lot of these veterans have families and it’s nice for them to be able to show their children something, because a lot of the time they won’t talk about their time serving and what they experienced.

“This gives their children at least a chance to hear what they went through” here.

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