Photographer: unknown - Caroline Lumiere-Koziol, second from left, with Tara, middle, who has been seeking a divorce from her husband for 10 years and says she has been prevented from seeing her children and friends

AN INTREPID filmmaker, author and former Aberystwyth University student has been examining gender equality while travelling in Iran.

The Cambrian News reported “Among her many adventures, former film and television student Caroline Lumiere-Koziol, 23, has explored the crime-ridden Brazilian favelas to document the lives of some of the world’s most impoverished people, and hitch-hiked across parts of the Sahara Desert in Morocco and the famous Route 66 in the USA.

In her latest adventure, Caroline has just returned from Iran, a country not known to be the safest for travelling Westerners, where she was examining the role of women in a deeply conservative society.

“The landscape of Iran is incredibly breathtaking and unique in its own right, but unfortunately a dark shadow casts itself on Iran making it seem not so entirely pleasing,” said Caroline, who is currently studying for an MA in film and television at the University of the Arts London.

“The shadow I speak of is the gender inequality that is all so heavily present in that country.

“As a woman I’m treated differently, almost made to feel like I’m half a human in comparison to my male counterparts that live everyday enjoying the basic human rights.”

Caroline spoke of her encounter with an Iranian mother-of-three to illustrate the imbalance in the rights of men and women in Iran” here.

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