Cambrian News photographer - Alicia Parry outside Penparcau Hub with her brother Paul Parry and friend Samantha Lewis

A PENPARCAU woman will join friends and family on a sponsored walk in memory of her mother who passed away from ovarian cancer.

The Cambrian News reported “Alicia Parry has organised the walk, which will see around 20 people walk from Constitution Hill, past the harbour, through Trefechan and ending up at Penparcau’s Hub, on Sunday, 22 April to raise vital funding for Ovarian Cancer Action.

The sponsored walk is the latest fundraising event arranged by Alicia in memory of her mother Pauline who passed away in 2016, with Alicia saying she wants to both raise money and awareness about the condition which kills around 4,200 women each year and is the biggest gynaecological killer of women in the UK, although 90 per cent of women don’t recognise the symptoms of the disease.

Alicia said: “I’m arranging a sponsored walk for ovarian cancer in memory of my mum who we sadly lost in 2016.

“We are also trying to raise as much awareness as possible as the cancer is called the silent killer.

“Sadly, my mum passed away four days after being diagnosed, although she was ill for around five months before with stomach pains, backache, constipation and a bloated belly.

“She lost a lot of weight during those last months. As a family it was all new to us and the last thing we thought was cancer. Not a lot of people are aware of ovarian cancer and it’s very hard to diagnose.

“My advice to anyone would be if you have any of these symptoms and they persist, please please seek medical advice as it’s often too late when diagnosed” here.

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