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THREE-WEEKLY bin collections should not cause problems in storing waste if householders are using recycling properly and using food waste bins, a council report has said.

The Cambrian News reported “With Ceredigion County Council set to decide on whether to push ahead with changing black bag waste collections from fortnightly to every three weeks, a survey as part of a consultation has shown that almost half of the people who responded supported collections every three weeks, while 50 per cent of the respondents said they backed continuing fortnightly collections but with restrictions on how many bags can be put out.

A report that went before the council’s Thriving Communities scrutiny committee said the council felt that changing collections to every three weeks, while continuing weekly food waste collections and weekly recycling collections, along with introducing a new glass collection, would help the council meet waste and recycling targets as well as restrict problems for householders.

But it also warns that the council will have to be stricter in terms of getting householders to recycle and use food waste bins, along with the possible use of enforcement action.

The report says: “The kerbside collection is the weakest area in terms of recycling performance. Currently around 50 per cent of the contents of black bags could have been recycled or put in the food waste bin.

“This needs to be addressed if the council is to meet statutory recycling targets (and avoid associated financial penalties) and avoid the unnecessary disposal of the Earth’s natural resources” here.

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