Crew member Paul Williams with Amy Best during her visit to the station. Photo: RNLI/Callum Robinson

VOLUNTEERS at Aberystwyth RNLI lifeboat station had a special visitor this month, when a woman they helped after a serious road collision called by to say thank you.

Cambrian News reported “On 4 January 2016, Amy Best, a student at Aberystwyth University, was involved in a serious road traffic collision in the town.

Two of the volunteer Aberystwyth lifeboat crew, Paul Williams and Nick Thomson, were near the scene and used their RNLI casualty care training to assist in treating Amy alongside paramedics, one of whom, Ian Brandreth, is also a crew member.

Amy visited the station along with her mum to thank the crew for what they did that day.

She is continuing to study for her Masters at Aberystwyth and also plays ladies rugby for the university. Amy hopes to raise money for the station through her rugby activities and become more involved with Aberystwyth RNLI when she returns to the area in September.

Mark Morgan, Aberystwyth RNLI branch chairman, said: “Amy is adamant that Paul and Nick’s actions, along with the expert professional assistance given by crew member Ian Brandreth saved her life that day.

“We’ve a great crew here and we’re proud of them. Some people may have walked away from this situation but Paul and Nick stepped in without a second thought. It says a lot about the ethos of our RNLI volunteers.

“Amy endured many months of surgery and rehabilitation following her accident. She graduated at Aberystwyth University last week. I need say no more about her positive resilience and determination to overcome and succeed” here.

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