Cambrian News photographer - Dead and dying trees line one side of Boulevard St Brieuc, with healthy ones on the other

A PENPARCAU resident is demanding to know from the county council why there are 15 dead or dying trees on one of Aberystwyth’s main thoroughfares.

Cambrian News reported “Roger Owen says the trees on the left side of Boulevard St Brieuc as you head towards the Morrisons roundabout are struggling to survive, while the trees on the other side seem to be doing well.

In May, the council said it was “monitoring” the trees, a mix of hornbeam, common beech, whitebeam and London planes, which were planted as part of the £375,000 Coed Aber Project.

Last week Roger Owen of Penparcau asked: “Why are the trees dying on one side of the road and not the other?

“There is one tree in particular which looks like it is 100 years old with all its bark hanging off.

“Is it anything to do with the land being contaminated? There is something wrong somewhere.

“How much is all this costing the taxpayer?”

A council spokesperson said: “It has proved to be far more challenging to establish trees on this site than originally envisaged and the trees are currently being monitored.

“They have shown signs of leafing up but they did so slowly due to the cold winds during April and early May.

“The trees that are more advanced on the site are the ones that are less exposed and have received protection from other trees or buildings” here.

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