Cambrian News photographer - Bronglais staff and Hazel’s family are pictured with the bench. Inset: Much-loved nurse Hazel Cook

THE staff of Aberystwyth’s Bronglais Hospital have unveiled a bench in memory of a beloved colleague and friend, Hazel Cook.

The Cambrian News reported “The bench was bought with money raised by the staff and has been placed near the postgraduate centre.

Thanks have been given to all who attended the unveiling and to all those who contributed towards the costs of the bench and the roses placed besides it.

Hazel was a well-loved and respected nurse for many years. She joined the St John Ambulance Service at the age of nine and continued with them for 49 years.

She became a Dame of Grace and Dame of Justice of St John and was well respected and loved.

She started working in Bronglais 22 years ago and became a night nurse practitioner and worked as such for many years.

Carol Morgan said: “She was a beautiful quiet caring lady who was dignified in her work.

“She was a great teacher and was very popular with all hospital staff. Hazel loved nursing and was passionate about it.

“She decided to retire early in 2015 to spend time with her beloved boys, her husband David, son Gareth and grandsons Alfie and Oscar.

“Unfortunately she was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly after retirement. She died peacefully at home with her boys on 24 June 2016, aged 58” here.

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