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EDUCATION chiefs are looking to find a way to help Ceredigion parents struggling to pay for school uniforms after the Welsh Government axed a grant aimed at helping meeting uniform costs.

The Cambrian News reported “The decision to scrap the £700,000 School Uniform Grant has been criticised across Wales despite the Welsh Government claiming that it was not required as the cost of uniforms has dropped.

But Ceredigion Cabinet members heard that the council’s education department was looking to find an alternative way to help parents, with education Cabinet member Catrin Miles suggesting that funding could be diverted from the Pupil Development Grant.

Council leader Ellen ap Gwynn said that the loss of the grant, which added up to around £10,000 for Ceredigion in total, was “disappointing”, but said it seemed to be something that was happening more often with education grants which are removed with no additional funding provided to councils to carry out the duties the grant was intended to cover.

She said: “It’s smoke and mirrors. They’re hiding all of this under the surface.”

Cllr Ceredig Davies said he would support the department’s efforts to find a way to continue to provide support to parents who needed it.

He said: “It is disappointing but it is good to see the department trying to find a way to help with this.”

Across Wales, the £700,000 grant helped around 5,500 Year 7 students who are eligible for school meals in 2017/18″ here.

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