Banned Linx Advert

Moheen Amin

In a world where deodorant adverts are aimed at young boys to fester a domineering nature, and are used to propagate rape culture it becomes easy to tie sweat to insecurity, or more problematically it enforces age old gender roles which contribute to the patriarchal struggles of the modern day.

Deodorant advert or softcore porn?

In a world where health care adverts are made to make the consumer feel bad it is incredibly easy for you to feel worthless for noticing even the smallest ‘flaw’ in yourself. But that worthlessness, that’s exactly what companies want.

If you see a flaw naturally you’d want to fix the flaw, and this is done by emulating the models we see in these adverts. The beauty industry is notorious in creating incredible insecurities in everyone. A perfect example is the idea of a ‘beach body’, or the phrase ‘is your body ready for summer?’ From an early age we are taught that our view of ourselves is dependent on what others think of us; we are taught to neglect healthy living, which in extreme cases can manifest itself as conditions like anorexia or bulimia.

Statistic Brain reports that 2.5 million girls compete in beauty pageants in the US each year, and that 6% of contestants are reported to suffer from depression, and those are only the reported cases. The beauty industry places an unbelievable amount of pressure of young people to fit an impossible ‘norm’.

I’m not saying we should all stop using deodorant or stop applying make-up, but we should learn to love ourselves for what we are, and learn to accept our own beauty. Companies use impossible standards on purpose, they know no one looks like that all the time, but at the same time they thrive off of the consumer’s negativity.

To quote singer/songwriter Marina and the Diamonds corporations excel by “making money off your insecurity and doubt”. We need to stop giving our lives to the corporation. You are beautiful in your own skin and the sooner we all realize this the happier we’ll be.

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