At her heaviest, Claire Davies weighed 22 stone (Image: HotSpot Media)

A bride lost almost half her bodyweight in just a year so she could fit into her dream dress on her big day.

The Mirror reported “Claire Davies, 33, from Aberystwyth, West Wales, weighed almost 22-stone at her heaviest and was struggling to zip up a size-28 wedding gown .

But the 33-year-old is now a healthy 11st 8lbs after dropping an astonishing eight dress sizes in just 12 months and “refusing to be a fat bride”.

In March she walked down the aisle in her dream size-12 wedding gown.

She was struggling to zip up her size-28 wedding gown (Image: HotSpot Media)

She said: “I felt like a princess on my wedding day. It was the best day of my life.”

As a child, Claire had always struggled with her weight and endured cruel taunts from classroom bullies about her size.

She says: “My classmates were mean and called me ‘fatty’. I was really shy and I turned to food for comfort.

“I loved junk food so it was no surprise that my weight suffered. Aged 17, I weighed 16st.

“Every day, I ate a family bar of chocolate followed three bags of crisps. I also loved fizzy drinks and glugged three cans of full-fat Coke each day.”

When Claire met her husband Craig, 28, in 2011, she weighed 18st and was a size 22 (Image: HotSpot Media)

But, aged 21, Claire’s confidence took a nosedive after her then-boyfriend at Aberystwyth University dumped her.

She says: “I began suffering with depression and hated my body. I lived off salt-laden ready meals like Fray Bentos pies or I’d order a large pizza with chips and chicken wings.”

By the time Claire met her husband Craig, 28, a sales assistant, six years later in 2011, she weighed 18st and was a size 22.

Claire says: “Craig made me feel special and he never minded my weight. But I continued to balloon. I never exercised, and fruit and vegetables were never on the menu.”

The 33-year-old is now a healthy 11st 8lbs (Image: HotSpot Media)

By September 2015, Claire weighed 22st and was a size 28.

She says: “I struggled to walk without losing my breath. That month, Craig proposed while we were on holiday in Greece. I was so shocked but couldn’t wait to marry the man of my dreams.”

But when the happy couple shared their news, one relative had a stark warning for Claire.

Claire says: “Craig’s nan, Rose, 71, told me my ring was too dainty for me and that I needed to lose weight before the wedding.

“It hurt at the time but it was the honesty I needed to jolt me into action. My engagement ring was a whopping size U.”

Claire and Craig on their wedding day (Image: HotSpot Media)
In March she walked down the aisle in her dream size-12 wedding gown (Image: HotSpot Media)

In January 2016, Claire joined Slimming World and was mortified to discover she weighed 22st.

She says: “At 5ft 4in, I was morbidly obese. I refused to be a fat bride.”

Three weeks later, Claire tried on her first wedding dress.

She says: “It was a size 28 and I couldn’t fasten it up at the back. It was disheartening but it was enough to spur me on to seriously start losing weight.

“And I found my perfect wedding dress, a strapless gown with an embroidered waist and a large skirt. It was gorgeous but was tiny at a size 12.”

So Claire swapped calorific sandwiches slathered with butter for leafy salads.

She says: “Every time, I craved a packet of crisps, I pictured my dream wedding dress. This kept me motivated to lose weight. I joined my local gym and, twice a week, I exercised for an hour and half.”

Claire would gorge on fried food and sweets (Image: HotSpot Media)

By July 2016, Claire had lost an astonishing 6st and has now lost another 4st.

She says: “I tried on more dresses and fell in love with a mermaid-style dress which I put a deposit down on. However, two months later in September 2016, I’d lost a further 2st and the dress hung off me.

“Then I tried on my original dress that I had fallen in love with – it fit perfectly. I couldn’t believe it was a size 14 and I felt amazing. I sobbed with happiness.”

By January 2017, Claire had lost another 5 inches off her waist and a further 2st.

The Pets at Home assistant manager swapped calorific sandwiches slathered with butter for leafy salads (Image: HotSpot Media)

Two months later in March 2017, she walked down the aisle in her slinky size 12 wedding dress.

Claire says: “It was the best day of my life ` not only did I marry my best friend but I got to show off my incredible weight loss.

“And if it wasn’t for Rose’s honesty that day, I wouldn’t have looked so spectacular on my wedding day. Now I’ve lost 10st 6lbs in total and I feel great.

“I’ve still got a stone of loose skin on my belly which I’m self-conscious about and has affected my intimacy with Craig, but I’ve been referred for surgery.

“I’m just glad I got to be a stunning bride on my wedding day” here.


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