Cambrian News photographer - New proposals would see black bags collected every three weeks instead of two

CABINET members have been asked to approve controversial plans to collect household rubbish once every three weeks.

The Cambrian News reported “A report to be put before Cabinet members on Tuesday calls for members to approve a slew of changes to waste collection in the county following a series of consultations.

The proposals will see regular black bags collected every three weeks instead of two, although a mooted bag limit will not be implemented yet but will be “reviewed” after the scheme is introduced.

Early proposals suggested a limit of three bags per home every three weeks.

The recommendations in the report that Cabinet members will be asked to approve include a weekly collection of food waste, a weekly collection of recycling bags, and a new three-weekly collection of glass jars and bottles.

The council report said that a separate collection of “adult incontinence products” will be made available, but no such service will be implemented for nappies or sanitary products.

A consultation into the proposed changes, agreed in principle by Cabinet members last October, ended in December, with the council receiving more than 1,150 responses.

More than half of those who responded to the consultation called for a two-weekly black bag collection to remain.

While 62 per cent of the consultation respondees called for a nappy collection service, the council has ruled out such a move, saying “it is considered that providing a separate waste collection for babies’ nappies is likely to encourage the less sustainable outcome of using disposable nappies”.

The plans also do not include providing wheelie bins to residents to store three weeks worth of rubbish” here.

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