Cambrian News photographer - The owners of Electra Moto Gear and Cafe, Craige Watson and Ollie Petrou have set up a petition opposing a council lease that gives PD’s Diner (inset) exclusive rights to the sale of food and drink on the promenade. Richard Draysey is seen signing the petition

THE OWNERS of an Aberystwyth seafront café, who have launched a petition to be allowed to have tables and chairs on the promenade, have hit out at the county council.

The Cambrian News reported “In a statement, Craige Watson and Ollie Petrou of the Electra MotoGear café and shop slated a council lease with the PD’s Diner near the bandstand which bars competitors from serving refreshments on the promenade between the pier and Constitution Hill.

They said they wanted other businesses to be able to provide seating on the promenade as well.

Craige and Ollie said: “Electra MotoGear is campaigning for fair rights on Aberystwyth promenade.

“We have already made two requests (in February 2017 and March 2018) to Ceredigion County Council to simply seek permission to place tables and chairs for the benefit of anyone using the promenade, and it is our understanding that nothing can happen until the terms of the lease have been agreed by both parties.

“We believe that a forthcoming lease has been agreed in principle, but is subject to legal issues which have been ongoing for at least a year.

“In the meantime, businesses are affected by this decision and we personally need the opportunity to place our tables and chairs on the prom in order to survive as a business.

“We are advised that this is also the case in the winter months when the seafront diner is closed, due to the restrictions still being enforced as part of the agreement.

“We have an online petition to Ceredigion County Council asking for a change in the lease.

“We feel that all businesses on the seafront would benefit from fairer trading rights, which would positively impact on tourism, local business and the economy” here.

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