Photographer David Kirby - Bagged dog waste on Aberystwyth South Beach.

DOG owners in Aberystwyth are being urged to ‘bag it then bin it’ to combat the “ongoing problem” of dog fouling.

Cambrian News reported “And one councillor is calling on the council to “name, shame and fine” people who do not pick up after their dogs on the town’s beaches, footpaths and in the castle grounds.

Resident David Kirby told the Cambrian News this week that he regularly finds discarded bags full of dog waste while out walking his dog, including some which have been hung from trees.

“There are two aspects of dog fouling that really annoy me,” Mr Kirby said. “The first is material left in plastic bags in public places other than in a litter bin.

“Early on in a circular walk, some people hang it in a bush or tree for collection on their return to save them carrying it with them for the whole walk. If this is the reason for every bag up a tree that I find then there are a lot of owners who forget to pick it up on the way home.”

Cllr Wendy Morris, a dog owner who says she regularly picks up after other dog owners, said: “Dog fouling is an ongoing problem in Aberystwyth, and has been for many years.

“It is still not being addressed by the authorities, hence the culprits guilty of this disgraceful behaviour know there is no penalty to pay. Name, shame and fine the offenders and then maybe we can hope for a cleaner Aberystwyth in the future” here.

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