Cambrian News photographer - The final residents moved out of Bodlondeb care home in January

THE closure of Aberystwyth’s Bodlondeb care home has left other Ceredigion council-run care homes full and unable to take more residents, it has been warned.

The Cambrian News reported “Councillors at a closed meeting were told that council care homes are currently at capacity other than a small number of step-up, step-down beds.

That has prompted campaigners who fought to keep Bodlondeb open to raise questions over whether the closure of the home was motivated by council finances with no consideration given to alternative care home provision for people who require it.

Cllr Paul Hinge questioned whether the admission showed that the Bodlondeb decision had led to a clear knock-on problem in care provision.

He said: “There’s no room for respite care. There’s a couple of beds for step-up, step-down. It raises the question was there an operationally good reason to close Bodlondeb or was it purely an accounting decision?

“At the end of the day if you close something you have to have something to replace it with.”

Lisa Francis, the vice-chair of the newly formed North Ceredigion Forum for Elderly Care which was formed from the old Save Bodlondeb campaign group, said the claim that council homes were full supported the concerns raised by the group.

She said: “Whilst the council’s social services department urged closure of the home, they were never clear about how they intended to replace residential care in the north of the county.

“Citing other residential care homes as having capacity, they maintained that the way forward was for our elderly citizens to remain at home receiving domiciliary care together with an aspiration of alleged extra care to be provided in sheltered housing units.

“We know that domiciliary care services are already stretched to breaking point; there is a shortage of trained carers and those who work in this field are often compromised by having to work to unrealistic targets. It isn’t rocket science to see that isn’t working.”

The county council said a range of new preventative and early intervention services had been introduced to help people stay in their own homes for as long as possible” here.

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