Cambrian News photographer - Pictured enjoying the sandpit are Abbie Hughes and her two-year-old daughter Sophie Edwards, Caitlin Robinson and her three-year-old sister Emily Grace Owen, and friend Lucy Rogers

CEREDIGION County Council has admitted it will be responsible for cleaning and opening and closing a new sandpit on Aberystwyth’s promenade.

The Cambrian News reported “Advancing Aberystwyth, the company formed as part of the Aberystwyth Business Improvement District, was given a licence to turn the closed paddling pool into a giant sandpit.

The move was met with a mixed reaction by residents on social media, many of whom were unhappy about losing the paddling pool.

A council spokesperson said: “The council has issued Advancing Aberystwyth with a licence to utilise the paddling pool site as a temporary sand pit.

“The terms of the licence require Advancing Aberystwyth to manage and maintain the area throughout the period of occupation.

“Advancing Aberystwyth hold public liability insurance for the facility.

“An agreement has been reached between Advancing Aberystwyth and the council whereby the council will clean and open up the facility in the morning and close the facility at the end of the day.

“The facility will be monitored regularly with regards to cleanliness.”

Critics of the development have suggested the sandpit will be full of rubbish and even used as a toilet by local pets and questioned the need for it considering the beach is just metres away.

The paddling pool has been closed for two years over concerns about the safety of the sea wall and the stability of the structure.

Plans are being drawn up for a future use of the site, but the council spokesperson said it was too early to reveal any plans or a timeframe for when proposals would be put forward.

Advancing Aberystwyth’s licence runs until 9 September” here.

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