Cambrian News photographer - Cllr Paul James (top) has criticised Cllr Ceredig Davies' stance on the proposed merging of wards in Aberystwyth

A ROW over merging Llanbadarn Fawr’s two county council wards with an Aberystwyth ward rumbled on this week with a Plaid Cymru councillor accusing the leader of the Liberal Democrats of a “bid for political survival”.

The Cambrian News reported “Cllr Ceredig Davies, who represents the Aberystwyth Central ward, came under fire from opposition councillors after he chose to go against a council working group proposal to oppose Boundary Commission proposals to merge the current two Llanbadarn Fawr wards with the Aberystwyth Bronglais wardto create a new two-councillor ward.

Cllr Davies, who had been part of the council working group, said he had changed his mind over the proposal and thought that merging the current three wards was acceptable.

However, that led to issues over how the council could suggest reorganising wards to reduce councillor numbers to 38, as proposed by the Boundary Commission.

There was criticism that the working group proposal, which would have seen the two Llanbadarn wards merged to form one ward, while the Bronglais ward would be considered alongside the Aberystwyth North and Aberystwyth Central wards, had been dismissed.

Cllr Paul James, one of the current Llanbadarn councillors, who had written an email outlining his opposition to merging the Llanbadarn wards with Bronglais, has now hit out at Cllr Davies claiming the decision to change his mind was a “bid for political survival”.

He said: “I cannot for the life of me, understand why this proposal was passed.

“I am absolutely gobsmacked by Cllr Davies’s actions and I think it’s all to do with political survival.”

But Cllr Davies, on his Facebook page, accused Plaid Cymru’s support for the workshop’s proposal as “politically driven” and would see the Aberystwyth area lose two councillors instead of the loss of one councillor under the Boundary Commission’s proposals” here.

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