Cambrian News photographer - Mark Williams was one of 89 MPs who voted to block Brexit

CEREDIGION MP Mark Williams has voted to block Britain’s exit from the European Union in a House of Commons vote.

Cambrian News reported “A total of 461 MPs backed a motion in favour of prime minister Theresa May’s timetable for Brexit last week, while a similar number of MPs backed a move requiring the Government to publish its Brexit plan before it triggers Article 50.

The motion called on MPs to “respect” the referendum decision.

Liberal Democrat Mr Williams was one of 89 MPs who voted to block Brexit, which came after 17.4 million people voted to leave the EU in June’s referendum.

Prime minister Theresa May has set a deadline of 31 March next year to invoke Article 50, but has said that a “Brexit plan” will be presented to MPs before then after criticism from opposing parties and backbenchers.

Mr Williams said: “The passing of this motion is especially concerning for us in Wales. We rely heavily on structural funds from the EU to help some of the poorest communities in the country, our farmers rely on agricultural payments to help them compete with the rest of Europe, and our businesses, large and small, rely on access to the Single Market” here.

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