AT recognizes that visitors are an important part of Aberystwyth. This is one reason why we were anti-brexit. This column is designed to allow visitors to Aberystwyth to contribute to AT and will also benefit other visitors who will share their perspective.

We caught up with Marianne Buchi, on holiday in Aberystwyth from Lucerne, Switzerland to ask about her experience last night enjoying a live music gig in Rummers wine bar.

“As a visitor from switzerland, meeting guys from Aber in the rummers wine bar last night, i accidently got to hear a very nice concert. The musicians played very well, especially the guys on violin and guitar. The singers were not quite that good. But the mixture of Klezmer to french chansons was interesting and worth listening to and some people even started to dance.”

So there you have it! Make sure to visit Rummers and/or Switzerland and keeping reading AT for the latest news on Chocolat and where they will be playing.

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