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COMMUNAL bins are being placed in the centre of Aberystwyth, in a pilot scheme aimed at stopping black bag waste from being strewn around the town by seagulls.

Cambrian News reported “The bins, which have been put out on the western side of North Parade at even numbered properties, were set up on Monday.

Cllr Ceredig Davies welcomed the move and said he hoped it would help reduce the amount of rubbish in the town centre from bin bags put out by residents.

While collection dates will be the same, the scheme will see the council put the communal bins on the street after 4pm on the Monday before the Tuesday collection day.

The bins will then be removed during Tuesday’s collection.

The bins will be in place for residents living on the Barnado’s shop side of North Parade and it includes the area between the shop and the Morlan Centre.

Cllr Davies said: “I am pleased that at long last we have a trial scheme with communal bins placed along the one side of North Parade and from checking this morning that particular side of North Parade has not been that clean on a Tuesday morning for years.”

The communal bins will be provided every week for clear recycling bags and food waste, while bins will be provided fortnightly for black bag waste.

Cllr Davies said he was pleased the pilot scheme had begun, saying any way that could reduce the amount of litter on the streets of Aberystwyth town centre would be welcomed.

Residents living in the trial area had been provided information from the council about how the scheme will work before the first occasion when the bins were provided on Monday” here.

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