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29A PROJECT to curb dog fouling by highlighting the danger to pets will start soon in Ceredigion, organisers have announced.

The Cambrian News reported “Six community councils in the county have signed up for the scheme in connection with Aberystwyth University, following a series of meeting held by the Waunfawr Community Association last year.

An initial meeting heard how a trial of a project in Ceredigion – first started in Cardiff – could help to alleviate problems by highlighting risks to the pets’ health instead of focusing on the potential threat to humans.

The university’s role will be to “undertake the collection of samples of dog excreta”, “examination of these samples to identify the existence and level of contamination by parasites especially toxocara” and “to produce a report of the findings to the participating community councils.”

The community councils have provided maps of the areas they wished to have surveyed with respect to dog fouling, which were handed to Dr Russell Morphew at Aberystwyth University.

The collection of samples and data mapping is set to take place in the Spring.

Dr Morphew said that a student has been appointed to run the project and will begin “as soon as possible”.

“I am very excited about this project and am looking forward to some exciting data that can be put to good use in the local communities,” he said.

“I suspect that now the weather is warmer we will have more chance of collecting lots of faecal samples. Our social scientists are also now making preparations for GIS surveying so we can pinpoint locations of faecal sampling” here.

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