Cambrian News photographer - Tee-Jay Holloway with dad Luke, brother Leo and mum Kelly

A BRAVE Penparcau youngster who has spent over three years battling leukaemia has marked being given the all clear with a special party.

The Cambrian News reported “Five-year-old Tee-Jay Holloway celebrated with family and friends after he ‘rang the bell’ at a hospital in Cardiff after being given the all clear from the acute lymphoblastic leukaemia that he was diagnosed with over three years ago.

The good news was celebrated with a special party thrown by Tee-Jay’s grandmother Dawn Gornall which also gave the family the chance to thank the local community for the support they have offered during Tee-Jay’s treatment.

Tee-Jay’s mum, Kelly Gornall, said the news that Tee-Jay had been given the all clear was still sinking in.

She said: “It’s been a very long road, three years and 10 weeks.

“It’s a strange feeling as this has been our life for so long. Now we have to get used to a different life as it’s been normal for us for so long.

“Even though we’re over the moon, you do think that we’ve always had the hospital to back us up before and it’s going to be a change for us.

“It’ll be nice to have some normality now. Tee-Jay has never had one week where he hasn’t had to go to hospital. We’ve always had to arrange everything to fit around that.

“The chemotherapy is a big thing and he’s not going to have to have that now.

“It’s not nice to see a five-year-old who can’t walk into town. If I ever said let’s go for a walk he’d get upset as he associates long walks with pain” here.

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