Photographer: Alan Cookson - About 200 nails were found on the south beach in Aberystwyth

Beach cleaners in Aberystwyth have raised concerns over hundreds of nails left behind after people set fire to wooden pallets.

BBC News reported “Alan Cookson, from Aberystwyth Beach Buddies, told Radio Wales dogs had suffered injuries from nails sticking out of the shingle.

The group had found 200 nails left over after three pallet fires during a clean up on the south beach on Monday.

Mr Cookson said the fire debris was “just the tip of the iceberg”.

Photographer: Alan Cookson – Dogs have been injured by nails sticking out of the shingle, beach users said

He added: “We obviously had a lovely weekend in Wales. It was very sunny on Saturday and people bring pallets through the beach to burn them.

“There is a few people who walk away and leave their fires to burn out and the consequences is one pallet might contain 100 nails and they’re left on the beach.

“The tide comes in it picks up all of the burnt embers and take them away but with regards to the nails it will just take them and distribute them indiscriminately around the beach” here.

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