Cambrian News photographer - Cllr Paul Hinge with the damaged war memorial

ABERYSTWYTH’S war memorial is at risk of being struck by lightning after thieves stole protective copper conductors.

The Cambrian News reported “Cllr Paul Hinge, Ceredigion County Council’s armed forces champion, said the theft was “maddening”.

And a county council spokesperson said: “It is very disappointing that individuals have chosen to remove the copper lightning conductors, as the memorial could sustain damage if there was a lightning storm.”

Cllr Hinge said he had discovered the theft when he went to look for possible locations for memorial benches on the castle grounds with other members of the Royal British Legion and a council officer.

Cllr Hinge said he could not believe someone would vandalise and steal from a war memorial, leaving it vulnerable to lightning strikes.

And he said the damage seemed pointless considering the small amount of copper that would have been collected.

Cllr Hinge said: “An inspection with a council officer showed there’s been damage. The lightning conductors have been stolen. It’s maddening.

“It’s for about £20 worth of metal. Now there are no conductors on the war memorial.”

A council spokesperson said: “The council can confirm that there has been some vandalism to the Aberystwyth war memorial.

“Anybody who has any information regarding who may have carried out the vandalism should contact the police station at Aberystwyth as soon as possible” here.

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