Cambrian News photographer - Rubbish like this in Marine Terrace attracts rats

ABERYSTWYTH is facing a major problem with rats and authorities need to do more to tackle it, it was claimed this week.

Cambrian News reported “People are becoming increasingly concerned that the problem isn’t being taken seriously, especially on council-owned land.

One resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: “With the hot weather the rats have been able to breed more.

“I saw a rat by the prom at Swyddfa’r Sir in mid-morning and I’ve seen them during early afternoon.

“It’s not something that’s restricted to one particular area. It’s not just students, not just HMOs, not just people in rented accommodation to blame.

“Some of the problem is people living in private houses, some from landlords not being responsible, some from people in HMOs and some from students.

“Some of the land where the rats are is Ceredigion Council-owned. They’re burying their heads in the sand and ignoring the issues.”

But the council insisted that the situation in Aberystwyth had not worsened and said that food waste collection would actually reduce problems with pests.

A spokesperson said: “The issues raised in relation to the presence of rats in Aberystwyth town is recognised as a national one.

“In Ceredigion call-outs are similar in the past two years, with the council receiving 192 requests for service in relation to rats in the county in 2016/17 and 190 requests for 2017/18. Therefore, this does not indicate an increase in problem.

“At this time of year, rodents will be looking for shelter and food as we move into autumn. Fruit lying on the ground in gardens and human food waste are attractive to rodents.

“We would encourage residents and businesses alike to do their bit to ensure that food waste is always stored in vermin proof containers and placed out for collection in such containers.

“The council provides these containers free of charge to residents which will facilitate this, improve recycling rates, and help minimise the feed available to rodents and reduce their breeding capacity as a consequence” here.

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