Cambrian News photographer - The council wants to ensure all footpaths are safe following floods which hit Talybont and other areas of Ceredigion last month

COUNCIL chiefs have been urged to ensure all footpaths are safe following heavy rain which caused extensive flooding in Ceredigion.

The Cambrian News reported “With the council looking to produce an updated Rights of Way Improvement Plan, Cllr Ceredig Davies said it was vitally important to maintain paths for visitors and to help the local economy.

He said: “It is economically beneficial in maintaining these footpaths. After all the rain we’ve had I’m sure there will be a lot of maintenance needed.

“Can we get money from the Assembly for this maintenance? We don’t want to have signs up saying that paths are closed.”

While Cabinet members heard that grant money was not available from the Welsh Government for maintenance work, the council does seek grant funding for path improvements.

Cllr Gareth Lloyd, the Cabinet member for economic development, said despite cuts in funding and staff numbers, the development and maintenance of paths in Ceredigion was a success with the help of a range of volunteers.

He said the council was keen to work closely with town and community councils to help keep paths accessible and said the authority was keen to develop its ‘adopt a path’ scheme which sees volunteers take responsibility for sections of some paths” here.

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