Cambrian News photographer - Proposals would see the two current Llanbadarn wards merged with Aberystwyth Bronglais

CHANGES to council boundaries that could result in an Aberystwyth ward being merged with Llanbadarn with the loss of one councillor have “little regard for democratic representation” and should be “put on hold”, councillors have said.

The Cambrian News reported “The Boundary Commission, in its examination of the wards of Ceredigion council, has set forward proposals that will reduce councillor numbers from the current 42 to 38.

The Commission is attempting to equal out the number of electors per councillor to around 1,300, and argues that some wards are “over-represented” and that changes need to be made to comply with electoral guidelines.

One of the councillor losses under the plans will come from a proposed merger of the two Llanbadarn wards – Padarn and Sulien – with the Aberystwyth Bronglais ward.

The councillors for those wards, Paul James, Gareth Davies and Alun Williams, as well as Aberystwyth and Llanbadarn councils have all said the proposals should not go ahead.

Cllr Alun Williams said that “sensible options are being ignored” and that proposals have been created that “no-one wants”.

“Combining the Bronglais ward with Llanbadarn would result in residents living close to the town centre being placed in the same ward as people living in the rural area beyond Glanyrafon Industrial Estate,” he said.

“I’d like to see these changes in Aberystwyth put on hold until a proper review of community boundaries has taken place.

“I’m sure we can then find sensible solutions that everyone can agree on” here.

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