Thirty-five black bin bags full of rubbish were dumped over the weekend in Poplar Row, Aberystwyth. Photo: Alun Williams

TWO councillors took it upon themselves to clean up a “serious fly-tipping” incident in Aberystwyth over the weekend.

The Cambrian News reported “Councillors Alun Williams and Endaf Edwards cleared up and rebagged the mess left behind after 35 black bin bags full of rubbish were dumped in Poplar Row.

Cllr Williams said the incident was “serious” and thanked “local residents for reporting the problem”.

“Cllr Endaf Edwards and myself cleared up and rebagged the mess and I then arranged for the council to collect the 35 bags,” Cllr Williams said.

“I then went back and did a final tidy-up of the site after the bags had gone.

“Unfortunately, despite picking up and rebagging a fair bit of rubbish, we didn’t see any papers directly linking the rubbish to a particular address.”

It was revealed in the Cambrian News last month that fly-tipping incidents in Ceredigion have fallen each year for the past three years.

Fears have been raised that fly-tipping could increase as the council backed plans to move to a three-weekly black bag collection starting in 2019″ here.

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