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EFFORTS to cut the use of plastic in Ceredigion will be supported by the county council after councillors said they must act to protect future generations.

The Cambrian News reported “Across Ceredigion, a string of initiatives to become ‘plastic-free’ have won backing, including in Aberporth, New Quay and Aberystwyth.

Aberystwyth councillor Mark Strong said he wanted the county council to back the groups behind those moves and for the council to do more to stop the use of single use plastics in council offices.

Cllr Strong’s motion was backed by Aberporth councillor Gethin Davies who said he wanted to see Ceredigion’s recycling rate improve as part of the campaign.

The motion, which was backed by councillors, called on both support for community groups battling against the use of plastic and for action to be taken within the county council itself.

Cllr Strong said: “There are plastic-free communities located in various towns and villages located across Ceredigion­.

“I present this motion to ask Ceredigion council to support all these different campaigns throughout the county, which includes Plastic Free Aberporth, New Quay Plastic Free, Plastic Free Aberystwyth and any similar organisations.

“We can’t sit on the fence and wait for other people to do something. We have a responsibility to act and I believe it’s important to not just think about ourselves, but also the future, and the future of the children who haven’t been born yet.

“I would ask you to support this motion today. It is very very important to me, personally, but also it is important to the residents in our county” here.

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