Cambrian News photographer - Plaid Cymru’s Ceredigion candidate for the Westminster elections Ben Lake, pictured at Aberystwyth railway station

A CANDIDATE for the Westminster Ceredigion seat has criticised the UK Government for denying the county, and Wales, the “infrastructure funding to which it is entitled”.

The Cambrian News reported “Plaid Cymru candidate Ben Lake has called for a “dramatic increase” in infrastructure spending to secure a “fair share” for Ceredigion.

“What we have in Ceredigion, and throughout Wales, is a situation where we have been denied our fair share of funding for developing our infrastructure,” Mr Lake said.

“We seem to have been forgotten by Westminster, who would rather spend billions and billions of pounds on HS2, a project that will only benefit England, and fail to give us our fair share of funding.

“There has only been one per cent of Network Rail’s total spending spent in Wales since 2011.

“Our fair share would be at least five per cent.

“If we got our fair share, so many projects could have been well under way by now, including new rail lines, stations and carriages, and a network that could work for the whole of Wales.

“Our roads would also benefit from infrastructure funding, as well as a fully developed and safe cycle route throughout Ceredigion.

“What I’m calling for is a dramatic increase in funding. It’s what we need and what, set out in law, we deserve” here.

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