Photo: ITV News - Volunteers are sharing old photographs to help dementia patients

A new project, led by volunteers at the National Library of Wales, is helping older people and patients with dementia by using old photographs and films to stimulate memories.

‘Living memory’ scheme is helping the elderly relive the past Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

ITV News reported “The ‘Living Memory’ scheme hopes to make use of Wales’ extensive archives, and offer the chance for people to relive days gone by.

Volunteers at the site in Aberystwyth have spent months trawling through material to compile a DVD of films, with themes on leisure, rural life, seaside and war.

The resources are available free of charge to public libraries and those working in older people’s care and mental health care.

‘Living Memory’ scheme helps with patients’ mental health Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

The resources of the Living Memory scheme show how the National Library of Wales collections can be used creatively for the benefit of the people of Wales, and in this case contributes specifically to mental health well-being by stimulating memories among older people and those who are living with dementia. – OWEN LLYWELYN, THE NATIONAL LIBRARY OF WALES

Organisers said seeing old footage and photographs can have a huge impact on people with dementia.

National Library of Wales said this project is only a starting point Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

As a unit we are delighted to see the launch of these resources. However, they are only a starting point as we want to build long-term relationships with package users to learn how effective the resources are. We hope that browsing the photos and films will help to share a few stories and bring a smile to the surface. – GWYNETH DAVIES, THE NATIONAL LIBRARY OF WALES

The project also helps care workers deliver Reminiscence Therapy Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

The project is also designed to be able to help care providers with “Reminiscence Therapy”.

This is a treatment that uses all the senses to help individuals with dementia remember events, people and places from their lives” here.