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The owner of PD’s Diner has insisted he never tried to block other businesses from operating on Aberystwyth promenade.

Cambrian News reported “Wanting to set the record straight, David Day posted a comment on the Cambrian News Facebook page saying that the controversial clause was put in place by Ceredigion County Council.

Mr Day said: “I did not write the previous lease, the landlord did.

“It was based on decades old licences.

“This lease was available to any person, from anywhere to tender for.

“There have been many times, over many years, maybe 10 years, when I have offered to reduce the so-called sole rights clause.”

Mr Day said that the lease that was finally agreed was actually on the same terms that he had offered the council two years previously.

He said: “I took the landlord to court to protect the business, not to protect the clause in question.

“The terms offered by the landlord were ridiculous, potentially bullying and definitely impossible to agree to.

“Once again, I am not talking about sole rights.

“The Landlord and Tenants Act 1954 protects tenants in matters like this.

“I had no choice but to fight. It’s been ridiculously expensive.

“Thirty months on we concluded negotiations, with terms that I offered 24 months ago.

“The new lease started on 30 October, thank God.

“It’s been stressful, expensive and totally unnecessary.

“I would now like to get back to my normal life.

“No stressful legal case against an opponent with bottomless pockets, no social media comments, ill-informed and personal.”

Mr Day added: “The lease of PD’s Diner could never stop food events on the promenade, so for the last 21 years this has been falsely reported.

“I can only assume that this was the landlord’s wishes.

“I have never opposed food events on the new bandstand, but have fought, expensively, that it should not be a café. It was funded as a public facility.

“I have funded two of the most recent developments on the promenade by rebuilding the Hut site and the new PD’s Diner site, constantly improving and maintaining both sites. To suggest I am against development is nonsense.

“Licensed, organised development will be great. Unlicensed, disorganised, dirty development will be a disaster.

“I love our promenade, as we all do. I hope we all do in 10 years’ time” here.

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