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A Penparcau man is demanding to know why some dog owners take their pets on Aberystwyth’s beaches despite bans being in place.

Cambrian News reported “Roger Owen said he saw 10 people with 12 dogs on South Beach last Friday.

He said: “I cannot understand why local people are taking their dogs on the beach when there are signs everywhere saying they are not allowed.

“I have seen people not clearing up after their dogs and even people putting the mess in plastic bags and then burying them in the sand.

“It is not very hygienic, especially when young children play on the beach.

“How can the council expect to get a Blue Flag when this is going on?”

And he added: “Can’t these dog owners read the signs? They are supposed to be educated people.

“The council should regularly patrol the area.”

The county council said it does not have a statutory duty to issue fixed penalties for dogs being on beaches.

A spokesperson said: “According to the Seaside Award conditions, during the peak period, between 9am and 7pm, dogs on Aberystwyth beaches must be on a lead within the award area.

“Within this area, there will be areas where dogs are banned under bye-laws, but these byelaws do not allow for fixed penalties to be issued for their presence.

“The council promotes the Caru Ceredigion ethos which encourages people to take responsibility to make sure that our wonderful local environment is kept clean and tidy and that everyone can enjoy it” here.

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