Cambrian News photographer - The amount of fly-tipping of household appliances and small machinery such as lawn mowers has fallen for the third year in a row

FIGURES have revealed that incidents of fly-tipping have fallen for the third year in a row despite fears that an increase in charges to collect bulky items from households by Ceredigion County Council could worsen the problem.­

The Cambrian News reported “Last year, Penparcau councillor Brenda Haines told fellow members of the town council that she often sees illegally dumped household items along the cycle path between Morrisons and Aberystwyth harbour and blamed the increase on the amount Ceredigion council charges for household collection.

The council charges for the collection of up to six items of bulky household waste from domestic properties as a contribution towards the costs of providing the service.

But new Welsh Government figures have revealed that recorded incidents of fly-tipping in Ceredigion have fallen for a third year.

From a high of 446 incidents recorded in 2014/15, that number fell to 390 the following year and has fallen again to 252 for the latest statistics period of 2016/17.

And 245 of those incidents were of rubbish dumped on highways, with the remainder on council land and footpaths, with the council having to fork out £11,096 to clear the fly-tipping­.

Fly-tipping recorded incidents in Ceredigion are the second lowest of all Welsh authority areas, behind only Wrexham.

The council, which set up a working party in 2014 after fly-tipping rose to its highest level in a decade, said that fly-tipping “has important significance for its residents, landowners and tourism” here.

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