The Marine Hotel in Aberystwyth, pictured in 2016. Photo: Google

A DRUNKEN teenager staying at an Aberystwyth hotel caused a major cooker fire in the kitchen while making himself eggs in the early hours of the morning, magistrates have heard.

The Cambrian News reported “A chef at the Marine Hotel walked into the kitchen at 4am on 19 October to find the cooker and a pan on fire.

The flames were half a metre high and eggs and sauce had been thrown around the kitchen, said Helen Tench, prosecuting, at Aberystwyth’s magistrates court.

Mechanical engineer apprentice Finley Glyn Jones, 18, then walked into the kitchen doorway and stood there “dazed” before going to sit down in the ballroom of the hotel.

Jones, of 7 Bucks Avenue, Watford, who admitted criminal damage told police that he had cooked eggs in the hotel kitchen after finding the door open. He insisted he had not thrown food around and had cleaned up after himself.

Defence solicitor Katy Hanson said Jones had been drinking heavily and had actually been taken to Bronglais Hospital where he was also given medication, which it is thought may have contributed to his condition

She said Jones “deeply apologises” for the incident and said he was now seeking help for alcohol issues.

Jones was given a conditional discharge for 12-months, but will also pay compensation of £100 and costs of £105″ here.

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