Bethan Roberts, Fired for her involvement in sabotaging support group the 'Autistic Organisation'

MIND ABERYSTWYTH’S Chief Operating Officer, Bethan Roberts has been fired for her participation in a campaign to ‘discredit’ a local Artist.

Events took place after the Artist had helped a former art gallery colleague, Maarja Heinsoo, to find a job at the organisation to help fund her art projects and pursue her ‘Dream Job’ working on the animation ‘Loving Vincent’ in Poland this October.

The Artist, who suffers from PTSD, had ties to the organisation since opening an support group for neurodiverse people as part of Minds services in 2008.

He has also used his art to raise money for a women’s group that was closed down due to lack of funding.

Upon discovering that Heinsoo was conspiring with Art Trail Chairman Peter Jackman to defraud the council he spoke out and was subjected to a campaign aiming to, in Heinsoo’s own words, ‘discredit’ him.

The campaign has largely focused on efforts that marginalise minorities including exploiting and stigmatising the mentally ill and sending rape threats on social media.

Concerned that Heinsoo was mentally unstable the Artist tried to alert Mind staff but discovered that they had become complicit with the campaign and were also jeopardising the safety of vulnerable adults.

The Artist resorted to posting a message of warning on the wall of the facebook page for the charitable organisation he had established only for Roberts to misuse her authority and have the warning deleted thereby sustaining the threat to members.

The Artist called for an independent investigation and sources at Mind Aberystwyth have revealed that Bethan has now been sacked for her role in the cover-up and for putting vulnerable adults at risk.

Her Supervisor Tim Bennet is still under investigation and is likely to lose his job as well.

An independent ‘finding of facts’ regarding Heinsoo’s conduct is due to be held on 7th November at 11.30am at Mind Aberystwyth and sources say it is likely that she will no longer be permitted to work with vulnerable adults.

The meeting will be conducted by an impartial ‘HRFace2Face’ Consultant from the organisation Peninsula, who will also have a note-taker present.