Former Director of the Board Anne Jeremiah

DISGRACED MIND ABERYSTWYTH Director of the Board Anne Jeremiah, has resigned over her role in the campaign to discredit a local Artist and the subsequent attempts to cover up the misconduct.

Jeremiah was recently evidenced in leaked documents from an anonymous source inside the organisation as participating in efforts to have his artwork banned and endorsed former staff member Maarja Heinsoo characterising his work as “graphic pornography” of an illegal nature.

An unnamed Mind Peer Reviewer close to the Chief Executive of Mind Aberystwyth, provided details of the resignation to Aberystwyth Times. Reviewing the evidence he was able to confirm that the efforts to discredit the Artist are of such a serious nature that he has been forced into hiding and the life of a fugitive since July 2016.

The Chief Executive of Mind Aberystwyth, Fiona Aldred, commented that Mind has learnt its lesson and now recognises that the “work, while admittedly more offensive and challenging than work that has gone before it, is nonetheless in line with standards set by previous artists and writers and is a legitimate form of expression within the law.”

This admission from the Chief Executive came with a retraction of her previous position where she had falsely stated that the Artist was “making up lies” due to a “Pathological Avoidance Disorder”.

THe artist, who in fact suffers from PTSD caused during his project Taking Down The Law, has worked with Mind Aberystywth on several projects, most recently donating 10% from sale of his work to help re-establish an underfunded women’s support group, hopes that “these comments by the Chief Executive will help “him to prove his innocence so that he can return to his home.”

The Artist said “after all the lies that have been told about my art, falsely characterising it as anything from illegal pornography to acts of terrorism, I have had my life ruined, I have lost everything and have been assaulted on five separate occasions by people who have difficulty distinguishing the truth from lies in the context of this sustained campaign to discredit me.”

He said “I just want people to recognise that my art is a legitimate response to the era of Trump and Brexit so that I can go back to living an ordinary life.”

He said “it is good that those who have participated in the destruction of our community and our culture are finally being held accountable for their behaviour and no longer allowed to hold positions that come with important responsibilities. I hope that other people involved in this campaign, such as the art house group Peter Jackman, Joanna Bond, Stuart Hampton and Ric Brown who are currently being investigated for fraud, or Beverly Thomas and Jon Coles of the Cambrian News and Ceredigion Herald for their racism that was eventually directed at members of my team, are also held accountable in this way.”

Jeremiah has yet to comment.

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