Cambrian News photographer - Aberystwyth Bandstand.

AN overspend on Aberystwyth’s Bandstand had to be met by Ceredigion council’s budget, the authority has finally confirmed.

The Cambrian News reported “Amidst rumours that the cost of the scheme had spiralled to £1.5m and that the council was embroiled in a legal row with contractor WB Griffiths, the council refused to say what the cost of the project was and whether it would need to take money from other schemes to pay for the overspend.

Following a Freedom of Information request and appeal to the Information Commissioner, the council has now been forced to answer whether the project went over the original anticipated price and how any additional costs would have to be spent.

The council has admitted that the cost of the scheme had risen and would have to be paid from the council’s budget. Under the ruling from the Information Commissioner’s Office though, the council does not have to confirm the total cost of the project.

The Cambrian News had asked for confirmation that the bandstand scheme had gone above the original anticipated price, how much the scheme had gone above budget and where that money was coming from.

A spokesperson also said: “Any additional costs are to be met from the council’s budget.”

However, the public will never know how much money had to be diverted from other schemes to meet the increased costs of the bandstand after the ICO claimed that releasing the figure would mean WB Griffiths could struggle to compete for future public sector contracts and that the council could find it more difficult to attract contractors if “confidential” information relating to an agreement reached between the parties was made public to confirm how much the final cost of the scheme was” here.

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