Is Your Content Aberystwyth Specific?

Not necessarily. Yes, we are based in Aberystwyth and a lot of our articles focus on the town and issues that matter to the local community. But, you can live anywhere in the world, and if you feel you have a story that needs to be told, an opinion that needs to be shared bring it to us and we’ll make sure your voice gets out there.

Can anyone submit an article?

We are a crowd-sourced media organization. Anyone can be a ‘journalist’. If you have a piece that you want published, post it in the editorial group, message the Facebook page or email us (editor@abertimes.co.uk). Even if you have an idea or pitch about something, let us know and we can do whatever we can to help you develop it.

Does it have to be just news?

We don’t limit ourselves to conventional descriptions of what a news-paper should and shouldn’t be. Opinions, Art, Music, Humour, Vlogs, Podcasts, Memes..it’s all on, as long as it’s good and doesn’t breach our guidelines.

What are the limitations on what you can publish?

Censorship isn’t ideal, but we also want our content to be as accessible as possible to all age-groups. That being said, if we feel that the story or article requires ‘somewhat graphic’ content for the message behind it to be conveyed, we can publish it with warnings in place.

Do you cover politics?

Yes we cover politics but have no affiliations with any party/political organization.
We can cover local grassroots politicians and activists as well as nation-wide themes. We aim to cover politics in a manner ‘conventional’ media-outlets do not.

I want to join the executive/editorial committee. How do i go about doing that?

Post your intent to do so in the Facebook group, message the Facebook page, tweet us or email us. We will then contact you and have a chat with you about it to take it forward. We encourage you to be part of the executive group. The position would be purely voluntary (for the immediate future), although it would make for a great addition to your CV!

Do you advertise?

Yes, we can advertise your business on our website! Drop us a message. Discounts for ethical local businesses and charities!


Only publish articles that are backed up by fact.
Serve the truth, not agendas.

Serve the community. Support local people, not the institutions and organisations.

Protect anonymity and confidentiality

Criticism must be constructive, objective and specific.

Establish a formal committee of executive roles.

Establish an equality policy and complaints procedure.

Acknowledge primacy of gender equality and intersectional issues.


To ensure that all content is up-to the highest possible standards, all prospective articles (including content from members of the committee) need to go through the committee.

The exception to rule 1, is when an urgent/breaking-news update needs to be posted and/or when other committee members fail to respond within a ‘fair and reasonable’ amount of time.

Any negative feed-back on articles must be immediately discussed by the committee and content can be unpublished if need be.

The use of any revenue generated by funds/ads must be approved by the committee and be made transparent to the wider community.