Photographer: unnamed - Felicity Elena Haf has written and illustrated her first book, Begw Haf

A FASHION designer, author and artist from Aberystwyth has released a new book for Welsh children.

The Cambrian News reported “Published by Y Lolfa, Begw Haf, has been written and illustrated by Felicity Elena Haf for children aged five to eight years old.

The book tells the story of Begw Haf and includes a cooking recipe.

Begw Haf loves to go to her mamgu Betsi’s house. Begw and Betsi bake delicious cakes – but what do they put in Anti Nora’s cake?

Felicity, who comes from Aberystwyth, graduated in fashion design at London College, Kingston, and followed a successful career in fashion before taking on a senior designer role with British fashion retailer, AllSaints, at its London headquarters.

She often travels to places like India and Hong Kong. She has also designed pottery and cloth designs for Welsh company Bodlon.

Now, Felicity is putting her other talents to good use, by publishing her first Welsh-language book for children, following in the footsteps of rare writers who both write and illustrate their work, like Morgan Tomos with his Alun yr Arth series or Angharad Tomos with the Rwdlan series.

According to Felicity, her main aim was to write a beautiful original Welsh book that would appeal to the children of Wales.

“I wanted Welsh children to have a beautiful and accessible book in Welsh,” she said.

“I’ve loved drawing since I was a child. Listening to stories and reading books was such an important part of my childhood. And like Begw Haf, I’m the eldest of six children!”

Begw has a very important and special relationship with her mamgu.

Felicity’s book looks at the relationship between the two generations, and at how children and older people can share the same interests and secrets.

The experience of publishing this book has been a positive one, and Felicity hopes to write a sequel.

“I would love to write another adventure for Begw Haf,” she said.

“I’m also writing a book about the rainbow and magical animals that change colour. That one is almost finished!”

Begw Haf by Felicity Elena Haf (£5.99, Y Lolfa) is available now” here.

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