Cambrian News photographer

A Borth man hit a woman he had only met that night before punching a window showering a couple with glass during a night out, a court has heard.

Cambrian News reported “Paul John Thompson, 19, admitted three charges of assault and a criminal damage charge following the incident on 27 October with his solicitor claiming that his behaviour was “completely out of character”.

Prosecutor Rhian Jones said Thompson, of Pomona, High Street, had been out with his girlfriend Lucy Fletcher and the couple had got talking to Zara Watkiss.

While Ms Watkiss and Thompson’s girlfriend were together outside the Academy in Aberystwyth, they heard a disturbance nearby and Ms Fletcher heard Thompson involved.

The two women walked toward the group, but as they were doing so, Ms Watkiss was hit hard to the face. She saw that Thompson was nearby.

He was restrained by other people and taken away, but Rebecca Dyson was driving her car to her boyfriend’s house and saw Thompson and another man in the road.

Thompson started shouting at Ms Dyson to get out of the car and had to be held back as he tried to drag Ms Dyson out of the car before she managed to drive off.

Ms Jones said that when Ms Dyson reached her boyfriend’s home, she called him and managed to get inside while Thompson was still outside.

As her boyfriend, Daniel McKitton, was with her inside his home, Thompson punched a glass panel in the door.

Mr McKitton shouted and said not to do it again, but Thompson threw a second punch, shattering the glass and showering Ms Dyson and Mr McKitton.

Ms Jones said the glass cut Mr McKitton to the side of his nose and that Ms Dyson ended up with glass in her eye leading to both of them requiring treatment at Bronglais Hospital.

Police later found Thompson sitting on the pavement covered in blood and with a cut hand.

Defence solicitor Janem Jones said the incident was “completely out of character” for Thompson, who had never been in trouble before.

She said that Thompson had been out with his brother and while he had not drunk too much, he couldn’t remember the incident.

Thompson, who is a hairdresser, had been under stress as a result of a family member being ill and Ms Jones said: “There was something that caused this young lad to be so cross this evening.”

Ms Jones said Thompson was “mortified” by what had happened and realises his behaviour was “unacceptable”.

Thompson was made subject to a community order for 12 months, which will see him have to complete 15 days of rehabilitation activity requirement and complete 120 hours of unpaid work.

He will pay compensation of £50 to Ms Watkiss, £150 to Mr McKitton and £250 to Ms Dyson, as well as £30 compensation for the damaged window to Wendy Toland. He will also pay costs of £170″ here.