Cambrian News photographer - Ty Belgrave owner Emyr Davies has paid tribute to those affected by the fire

The owner of an Aberystwyth seafront hotel targeted by an arsonist who killed one guest and left another with serious injuries has said his thoughts are with those affected by the blaze.

Cambrian News reported “Emyr Davies, the owner of Ty Belgrave Hotel, said while the fire had affected him and his employees financially, the greater impact was the loss of Juozas Tunaitis, who passed away in the fire, and the serious injuries suffered by another guest, Richard Simnett.

Mr Davies said: “The impact that this fire has had on me and those I employ is mainly financial.

“That impact fades into insignificance when considered against the impact it has had on others, including of course those families who have suffered so greatly either through the loss of a loved one or through serious injuries sustained.

“It is impossible for me to comprehend the feelings of those individuals and families who were so tragically affected by the actions of this individual.

“Throughout the investigation I have co-operated in all respects with all of the investigating authorities and I am in a small way comforted by the conversations I have held from time to time, with members of the fire service in particular, who have confirmed to me that the hotel complied with all of the relevant fire and safety regulations that applied to it.”

Mr Davies also paid tribute to the emergency services for their efforts during the fire and afterwards.

He said: “I wish to take this opportunity to thank each and every member of the emergency services who came to the aid of those in the hotel on the night in question and risked their lives in saving so many others.

“I also wish to express my thanks to the manner in which this investigation has progressed over the past eight months culminating in a conviction now secured.

“Finally, I wish to make no further statements at this time and will not be answering any further questions raised.

“I do so out of respect for those who have been so terribly affected by the events on the night in question” here.