Cambrian News photographer - Deborah Dewe (left) and Julie Völkening by the Receptur in Kronberg – a “teenage hang out”. Taken in 2016 on Deborah’s ast visit

A FORMER Aberystwyth woman now living in Australia has told how Kronberg exchanges changed her life.

The Cambrian News reported “Former Penglais School pupil Deborah Dewe, who only moved to Perth last year, said she went on several visits to the German town in the 1980s.

Former Aberystwyth mayor Carol Kolczak is calling on Kronberg exchange pupils to share their pictures and experiences to celebrate 20 years of the twinning relationship with Kronberg, which is near Frankfurt.

Reliving her experience, Deborah told the Cambrian News this week: “I did my first exchange at 13 with Julia Völkening in 1986 and we have been firm friends ever since.

“I went back to Kronberg several times with Penglais [school] and during the school holidays.

“It led to me being an au pair in Kronberg once I left school and before university in Exeter.

“At Exeter I studied during my third year at a university in Germany called Göttingen, which Julia’s sister Carola also attended, so I often popped back to Frankfurt to see my host family” here.

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