Cambrian News photographer - Terry Spiers of Geufron farm with some recycling bags that weren’t collected

COUNCIL chiefs have been accused of not carrying out waste collections on schedule resulting in an increase of litter on the streets of Aberystwyth and Penparcau.

The Cambrian News reported “Southgate resident Terry Spiers said collection of recycling waste since Christmas has been a major problem and has left the area blighted by litter on the streets.

He has hit out at Ceredigion County Council saying that much more needs to be done to ensure collections are carried out when they are supposed to.

Mr Spiers also said the authority has left a dog waste bin overflowing on a regular basis with responsible dog owners left with nowhere to dispose of waste.

Mr Spiers said: “Since this Christmas, the recycling bags have only been collected half the allotted time. They should be collected every week on a Wednesday morning.

“After Christmas, they were first collected after two weeks, this was then repeated yet again two weeks later.

“On Wednesday, 31 January, they have not been collected yet again.

“In Aberystwyth we are only getting half the job done. I am certain the council officials do not collect half the salary for doing half of the job.

“In the meantime the bags are being broken open by seagulls and blown all over the place. Litter is everywhere as a result. This is disgraceful.”

A council spokesperson said: ”As with any operational service, unfortunately, regrettably but inevitably issues arise which can affect the delivery of the waste collection service. The authority apologises when this occurs and it is not always possible to deliver the level of service that the public expect and are accustomed to.

“When issues arise affecting waste collections all efforts are made to address the situation as soon as is possible. The service is continually reviewing opportunities to increase and improve resilience and robustness in relation to resources including staff and vehicles.

“Opportunities to improve communication and the sharing of relevant and timely information with the public are also ongoing” here.

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