Protesters gathered at Aberystwyth’s Owain Glyndwr Square. Photo: Marian Delyth

PEOPLE gathered on Aberystwyth’s Owain Glyndwr Square to protest against the bombing of Syria.

The Cambrian News reported “At 6pm on Monday, 16 April, the square was packed with anti-war campaigners who condemn the decision to attack Syria.

Organised by Ceredigion Stop The War and the Aberystwyth Peace and Justice Network, the protest attracted more than 70 people, and was one of a number taking place across the country.

In Aberystwyth, Johnny Gaunt of Stop the War Ceredigion introduced a number of speakers to the crowd.

Between those speakers, Côr Gobaith sang songs of peace and justice.

CND Cymru also offered its support to the protest.

“CND Cymru does not support President Assad’s cruelty towards the Syrian people, nor do we support terrorism,” a CND spokesperson said.

“We do strongly condemn the US/BritishFrench air strikes on Syria, which are in defiance of international law.

“They will only increase the likelihood of this terrible conflict spilling over into the wider Middle East and potentially beyond that.

“We also condemn Theresa May’s decision to bypass parliament which demonstrates a contempt for the necessary democratic process.

“She has also disregarded public opinion in launching these strikes; polls indicate that only 22 per cent of the population support this bombing campaign” here.

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